Rust Prevention by Electronic Rust Prevention Systems...

Available at TJM Geebung and Woolloongabba.


How ERPS Works

 The Series 2000 unit is the ‘power’ behind the system. The unit operates continually from the vehicle battery and draws only 20-30 milliamps. The twelve volt DC charge is then stepped up to a high voltage and transferred to the Capacitive Couplers. The Capacitive Coupler then becomes charged so as to be the positive plate of a capacitor, whilst the structure or vehicle becomes the negative side.  The high concentrations of electrons cause the surface to become covered by a layer of electrons.  These electrons are held static by the dielectric (usually the paint or ferric oxide). The layer of electrons prevents or slows corrosion by lowering the metals voltage potential which means the metal becomes less reactive and therefore less likely to corrode.  Corrosion/rust is a natural reaction.  Put simply electrons escape from unprotected metal, combine with atmospheric molecules and ‘rust’ begins. The ERPS unit constantly replaces these electrons.


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