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Piranha Off Road Products is Australia's premier manufacturer of Dual Battery Management Systems and Ezi-Fit Wheel Chains for all types of vehicles.

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Piranha manufacture a range of dual battery management systems. Control the competition with the Piranha DBE100S or DBE150S electronic isolator. The electronic unit will ensure that the main starting battery is charged before connecting the auxiliary battery. It does this by monitoring the voltage in the main battery. When the voltage in the main battery reaches a predetermined threshold (approx. 13.5 volts ), it starts to charge the auxiliary battery. It will also disconnect the auxiliary battery from charging if the main battery voltage drops below that of another predetermined threshold (approx. 12.8 volts).



Piranha manufacture right here is Australia, the most extensive range of steel, not plastic auxiliary cradles of any company today. Our product is engineered to high standards to ensure reliable operation in tough Australia conditions. Not only do we do auxliary but also replacement cradles for original equipment units.



The first and only Kettle that can go anywhere with you.

The Hot2gO kettle requires no external energy - it is fully gas operational, self contained with electronic ignition to boil water in a matter of minutes.




Convert the sun rays into useable power

Solar Panels collect the suns energy and convert it to electrical energy. This is used to charge a 12 volt battery. The battery runs the accessories, not the panel. Solar Panels are rated in watts ie. a 50 watt panel gives us approx 4 amps. To achieve its full potential a panel must be reasonably aligned to the sun. If it is not or it's covered in dirt, dust or shadows, it will not perform anywhere near its full potential.



Why everybody needs a Piranha Fluro

With a 6,000 hour long life, 11 watt fluro tube that throws the same about of light as an equivalent 75watt globe, the Piranha fluro is absolute must for any body that needs a high quality, robust portable light source.


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